Lithuanian Dialects. Multimedia Dictionary, 2000. - Volume 1.

CD-ROM published 1998, in cooperation with the Institute of Lithuanian language, supported by UNESCO.
The History of the Lithuanian language
Zinkevičius Zigmas. – Vilnius: Mokslo ir enciklopedijų leidybos institutas, 1998.

This book is the first history of the Lithuanian language ever to be published in English. The author, Prof. Zigmas Zinkevičius of the University of Vilnius, is one of the most distinguished and prolific contemporary Lithuanian linguists with more then 500 articles and books to his credit.
Lithuanian Gramar
Edited by Vytautas Ambrazas. – Vilnius: Institute of the Lithuanian Language, 1997.

This book is the first comprehensive description of the grammatical structure of Lithuanian, including phonology, morphonology and syntax, to be published in English. The aim of this volume is to make the Lithuanian language more accessible to the international linguistic community and to all those who interested in Lithuanian.