Language institutions

State Language Inspectorate
Lithuanian Language Institute

Lithuanian higher education establishments running Lithuanian language faculties or departments

Kaunas University of Technology
Klaipėda University 
Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences 
Šiauliai University
Vytautas Magnus University
Vilnius University (Universitas Vilnensis)

Lithuanian language courses

Department of Lithuanian Studies at Vilnius University
Language Practice Centre “Lingua Lituanica”
LCC International University
Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer School at Klaipėda University
Lithuanian language and culture winter course at Kaunas University of Technology
Lithuanian Language long course, Lithuanian language and culture summer course at Vytautas Magnus University 
Soros International House

Baltic Online (Lithuanian gramar and lessons), Virginija Vasiliauskienė and Jonathan Slocum
Grammatica della lingua lituana (it)
ONENESS, on-line Lithuanian language course: about and virtual classroom "Oneness city"
Online school of the Lithuanian language "Debesėlis"

Lithuanian language learning games (

Linguistic publications

Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language (Lithuanian only)
Dictionary of modern Lithuanian (Lithuanian only)
Term Bank of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian only)

Alkonas, a dictionary of the English and the Lithuanian languages
Omni dictionary (ENG-LIT, LIT-ENG, GER-LIT, LIT-GER)
The Lithuanian Word (a publication dedicated to 100th anniversary of Lithuanian print)


Baltistica (Vilnius University)
Filologija ('Philology', Šiauliai University)
Kalbotyra ('Linguistics', Vilnius University)
Lituanistica (Lithuanian Academy of Science)

Research Journals (Institute of the Lithuanian Language):
Acta linguistica Lithuanica
Archivum Lithuanicum
Kalbos kultūra ('Language Culture')
Terminologija ('Terminology')


Lithuanian national library
Vilnius university library

Lithuanian language and information technology

Corpus of the Contemporary Lithuanian Language (text bank), Accentuator, Morphological tagger, Parralel corpus (Vytautas Magnus University)
Microsoft Windows Lithuanian add-ons
Text to speech webpage (enter the text in Lithuanian language and "Text-Talk" will read it)
Training at the UNESCO Chair in Informatics for the humanities at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics
Using Lithuanian (and Latvian) characters in e-mail

Europe on languages

Euro Languages Net
Europa: Languages and Europe
European Language Council
European Centre for Modern Languages
European Commission/ Languages
European Day of Languages
European Bureau for Lesser Used Languages