The Organisation of the Commission and Relation to Other Institutions

Organization chart (created in 2015)


  1. The Commission activities are conducted by the Secretariat, and only the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson comprise permanent staff of the Commission. The Secretariat is responsible for convening the meetings of the Commission and its sub-commissions, submitting necessary materials, coordinating the implementation of the language programme, accumulating information on language usage and standardisation, advising the general public on language and linguistic issues, etc.
  2. The Language Commission is now in the process of implementing two programmes. Approximately 90 projects (35 institutions) are funded annually from the programme funds. See more in Lithuanian – „Programos“.
  3. The State Language Inspectorate represents a supervisory authority which monitors how public and municipal institutions, agencies, companies, and other establishments throughout the Republic of Lithuania adhere to the provisions of the Law on State Language, the decrees adopted by the State Commission on the Lithuanian Language, as well as other applicable legislation stipulating the requirements for the usage and regularity of the official language. Any violations to the applicable rules are subject to the Administrative Code. The State Language Inspectorate reports to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and is accountable to the State Commission on the Lithuanian Language.
  4. Municipal authorities are in charge of supervising the usage and regularity of the official language within their areas. This task is normally delegated to language officers, whose responsibilities include monitoring of official language usage within their municipality, supervising adherence to the regularity requirements, investigating administrative cases on behalf of the Language Commission, providing linguistic advice, etc. Language officers are currently employed with more than two thirds of the municipalities.