The Language Commission was put in operation in 1961 as a non-governmental entity under the auspices of the Lithuanian Science Academy. More than once it was forced to suspend its activities being at odds with the Soviet authorities.

As a state-run institution, the Commission was established in 1990 when the State Commission on the Lithuanian Language was founded under the auspices of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania. The mandate of the Commission comprised not only regulation and standardisation of the language, but also implementation of the official language status. In 1993, the Law on the Status of the State Commission on the Lithuanian Language of the Republic of Lithuania was adopted, which obligated the Commission to address the issues of codification of the Lithuanian language, usage of standards and implementation of the Law on Official Language and rendered the Commission decrees on linguistic issues compulsory to all the companies, agencies, institutions, and the media. During 1995-2001, the Language Inspectorate was a part of the Commission. Since 2001, the Commission and the Inspectorate have been operating as separate entities (see the Organisation Chart).

At present, the activities of the Commission are conducted in accordance with the Law on the State Commission on the Lithuanian Language (2001 revision).

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